Thursday, January 5, 2012

Build It - Miami Beach Resort

Build your own beach resort right where Miami began! Starting in the 1920s, every year is a new level in Build It - Miami Beach Resort. Build wonderful art-deco hotels, newly invented cinemas, the first fast-food diner and, decades later, giant hotels right on the beach. Design everything the way you'd like to see it on a huge scrollable map! Build the city of Miami over the course of 60 years in this unique combination of building simulation and time management. Build It - Miami Beach is a fascinating and fun new game!


Game Size 93 MB

Virtual Families

Guide your own little family through generation after generation of endless fun in Virtual Families, the latest real-time adventure from the creators of Virtual Villagers. Start with your choice of thousands of different characters and help her start a career, meet a mate, and build a bustling home. Make sure every member of your family is performing their best and feeling great and they'll reward you with fantastic fun. The only limit to the possibilities is your imagination! Featuring amazing upgrades to collect, secret puzzles to solve, and addictive gameplay, you'll want to check in on your virtual family again and again. Because your little family continues to learn and grow, even when you're not playing, you'll find new surprises every time you visit. Meet your new little friends in the free trial version, or play the full version and guide your virtual family on the adventure of their lives. Play Virtual Families today and discover the possibilities of fun.

Game Size 56 MB

Little Folk of Faery

Help enchanted creatures restore the harmony and balance of their magical land in Little Folk of Faery.A young woman returns to her grandparent's village after inheriting their small curiosity shop. Expecting the store to be a little topsy-turvy, she is even more amazed when looking at the tree that grows at the back of the room. Almost immediately, a small cloud of golden dust captures her eyes, and soon she realizes a much more magical encounter. A tiny fairy asks for her help in restoring their land, and so she takes the responsibility that had come undone after the woman's grandmother unwillingly let them to their fate.
Embark on a fascinating journey to help these fairy inhabitants. Repair the ruins, organize banquets to attract lost villagers, plant food sources and bring the small realm back to life. With your help, they can thrive once again and will repay you with returning the splendor of the curiosity shop. But can you figure out what is behind the mysterious mist and wistful spirits that roam the surroundings?

Game Size 113 MB